Sheet Pan Frying

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Sheet pans have become uber popular for their amazing ability to make one pan dinners quick, easy and delicious.  We have learned that almost anything can be made in a sheet pan, often better than the original stovetop method and you can cook several foods at once without combining them, like chicken cutlets and green beans.  

When you cook with a sheet pan you don't need a super large frying pan and you don't need to stand and stir constantly.  You get a more even cooking on a large pan, resulting in perfect meals.  Now, let's apply that to frying. 

When you think of oven frying you might think of baked food that doesn't actually taste like it was fried, not bad, but not the same thing.  Sheet pan frying is something different.  With this method we don't skimp on the oil and the food does taste fried. 

The trick is getting your sheet pan nice and hot and coating it with a thin layer of oil before adding the food. Now you can fry up all the latkes, chicken, cigars, french fries, tostones, and french toast to your hearts desire. 

Now that you see how we did it, check out a few recipes below, but don't let this list hold you back, you can fry anything in your sheet pan.