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Spotlight: A Passover Seder Activity Book

Seder Activity Book for Kids

There are so many fantastic hagadot available for people of all ages and all backgrounds.  The Passover activity book by Ann Kofsky is a companion book that goes along with any hagadah to keep your kids engaged throughout the Seder.  Ann has illustrated and authored over 30 books for children. She is an elementary school art teacher, a public speaker, and a teacher of drawing and illustration at her alma mater, Yeshiva University. 


The book begins with crafts to create before the seder.  Keep your kids busy while you're cooking in the kitchen with these crafts that they can then use at the seder like this jumping frog.  Last year we came up with a whole slew of ideas for edible ten plagues, this year try crafts.

munchy matzah

The book is filled with ideas to keep your kids busy at every point of the seder.  Let them make shapes with their matzah is just one example shown above.

The whole books is based on the Frogs in the Bed song by Shirley Cohen Steinberg and published by Behrman House. Every kid comes home from nusery school knowing this song until it gets stuck in all our heads!!  The book takes you through the song and the seder.  Find out more and order yours here on Amazon.