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Spring Craft - Temp Tee Potted Kitchen Herb Garden

diy herb garden

The recipes have been made and the delicious food consumed, so what do you do now with your left over Temp Tee containers??? Well craft them of course!!

This project is fantastic not only because it’s absolutely perfect, but because it takes an item that would normally be thrown in the garbage made purposeful again.

TEMP TEE Potted Kitchen Herb Garden


Temp Tee Containers (empty)
Spray Paint – white and any other colors of your choosing

Rubber bands Optional


temp tee containers

Step 1:

Clean your Temp Tee containers and dry them completely.

temp tee 3

Step 2:

Make a series of whole on the bottom of your container. This way the soil can breathe and the water can seep out of the container.

temp tee 4

You will use the container for the soil and the top of the container as the base to capture the runoff water.

temp tee 5

Step 3:

Take your box outside and turn it on its side. Place the container inside and spray paint it white, making sure to cover all the words and design on the container. Let it sit for 2 hours

Step 4:

temp tee 6 & 7

Spray paint container your second color. You can see here that I chose to do 3 different containers. Let it sit another 2 hours.


temp tee stripes

If you want to do a striped design then place rubber bands around your container and spray paint on top of them. Let that sit and dry and then pull of the rubber bands. You will get this very neat striped affect.

Step 6:

temp tee garden

Once your containers are dry, you are ready to add soil and add your herb plants. These Temp Tee containers are small enough to sit on your kitchen windowsill making these the perfect herb planters.

We would love to hear from you and see the beautiful herb containers that you make! Please send in your photographs to and you may be featured on the Joy of Kosher website.

Happy Crafting!

Till Next Time!