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Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Strawberry Yogurt

I am so happy to make an appearance here at I am so honored to be asked by the loyal and friendly staff of Joy of Kosher to develop a recipe for Shavuot, along with my photographs.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful opportunity to connect with your readers!

As Jonathan and I were heading up to Massachusetts last month for Passover, I asked him what was his favorite ice cream? He responded ‘not ice cream, but frozen yogurt is my favorite’, which completely took me by surprise.  When I thought about it a tad longer it all made complete sense.  During his undergraduate days at Tel Aviv University, his barren refrigerator would always be graced by a couple of family size containers of a strawberry yogurt drink, called Prili (fruit-for-me). He would have one family size Prili for breakfast every day. He would shake it first before removing the aluminum top. When I saw early strawberries popping up here and there at the farmers markets recently, I couldn’t resist getting a couple of pints to make a Frozen Strawberry Yogurt dessert to celebrate Shavuot, inspired by Jonathan’s love for Prili.

strawberrry yogurt

Click here to get the recipe for Frozen Strawberry Yogurt.

A little more about Shulie:

Shulie Madnick is an Israeli born and raised sabra. Both her parents were born and raised in Bombay, India. They emigrated from India to Israel in 1960, met and married there. Shulie is the eldest of six kids.  She met her husband Jonathan, who was born and raised in MA as she concluded her IDF service, as Jonathan was finishing his undergraduate degree at Tel Aviv University at the time. They moved to the US for Jonathan’s graduate studies and now call the DC area home for over two decades. They are proud parents to one son, Sagie, who is a sophomore in college, studying natural resources.