Stuffing Latkes For Thanksgivukkah

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apple sage stuffing latkes

In some circles (very small circles) I am known as the Stuffing Queen.  It’s not the kind of moniker you get etched into a gold necklace or printed on a tee, but from early September to late November every year, it makes me pretty popular.  When I first began hosting family for holidays, I served a wild mushroom stuffing on Rosh Hashanah and Thanksgiving that is now become an annual family tradition. 

On the days leading up to the holiday, I would buy a really nice loaf of bread (none of that pre-sliced stuff) and I would cut into medium sized cubes that I would leave out on the countertop for a day or two to go stale.  These nice big chunks of bread you can only get by cutting it yourself, so take out your battle axe or bread knife and start whacking.  After you think you have finished cooking the stuffing, either in the bird or separately in a pan, place the stuffing in the oven uncovered for about 15 minutes before serving to get the top layer nice and crispy.

Over time I adapted the recipe to take advantage of any kind of bread readily available (usually I go whole wheat, but rye or pumpernickel are great, too), other kinds of fruits or vegetables (like apples, celery and sage), and sometimes even an addition of a smoked or cured meat, like sausage or pastrami.  You really can't go wrong with stuffing, by adding veggies and using multigrain bread, it can even be healthy.

When it came time to come up with a new recipe for Hanukkah this year, which just so happens to fall on Thanksgiving, I knew Stuffing Latkes would be my legacy.  You can make these delicious stuffing latkes with any stuffing recipe and they can be baked or fried.  You can save these for Friday night and remake your leftover Thanksgiving stuffing in the most delicious way!

Get my recipe for Apple Sage Stuffing Latkes here.