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Sukkot Tablescape

sukkot table main

Sukkot, rich with symbolism, is the holiday which tickles the senses and creates strong memories of warm sunlit lunches and dinners under a brisk star-filled sky spent with family and friends.

Start with...All that Glitters
While the Sukkah may be a temporary dwelling, we do our best to decorate it festively and set the table with holiday elegance. Add glamour to your humble hut with bold jewel tones and accents of gold.

challah basket

Keep your sliced challah warm by tucking it inside this oven-safe stoneware basket.

golden plate

Golden Garden china features delicate blossoms of gold (Villeroy & Boch).

glasses and soup

Sipping tea from these Moroccan-inspired tea glasses  while dining under a starlit canopy of greenery will evoke our ancestors’ trek through the desert.

Ensure soup arrives at the table piping hot by serving it in individual soup tureens with lids.

Keep it Going...Warm Touches
Impress your guests with details that will keep them cozy.


Create a cornucopia centerpiece for your Harvest Festival table. Lay a vase on its side. Fill with flowers, foliage, and fruit spilling onto the table.
(Orrefors’ Sea Candy Vase, $40,

Fill in the blanks...Bee Whimsical
No Sukkot meal is complete, unfortunately, without a guest appearance of bees. Make peace with their presence by incorporating them into your theme.

beehive honey

Adorn each place setting with a miniature beehive honey dish (Quest Collection, $100)

A pomegranate honey dish of intricate enamel with Swarovski crystal “seeds” will create a buzz at your table (Quest Collection, $210, email for a local retailer).

Wallace Napoleon Bee Flatware, ($150,

Honeycomb napkin rings (Quest Collection, $36, email for a local retailer)

Originally published in the Rosh Hashanah 2011 issue of Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller.

Photos by Mark Wemple

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