Super Bowl Food

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For years we either hosted or contributed food to a big super bowl party with all of our friends. The food consisted of the usual wings, chili and lots of fried goodies.  The main promise always being lots of meat, we save dairy for our Oscar parties.  The guys would gather around the TV and watch and eat while us girls, at least most of us would play games or chat in the kitchen coming out  only for some of the commercials.  Fast forward a few years and a few kids later and we can't be bother to host or to attend any of these late school night shindigs, but that doesn't mean we don't party.

Nowadays, we make it fun with our kids by planning the traditional goodies with my healthy spin and the real special treat in our house is that we all eat in front of the TV.  Here are a few of my favorite snacks to serve, they all require a good vacuuming, but what's a party with out crumbs.  Plus check out a few more Super Bowl party ideas from our friends that are not quite as healthy as mine.

kale chips

Kale Chips

Forgo the usual bagged potato chips for these healthy and delicious kale chips, keep them plain or add your favorite seasoning, they are a real crowd surpriser.

tortilla chips

Baked Corn Tortilla Chips

I don't even buy bagged tortilla chips anymore and we make these on a weekly basis.  Just keep some corn tortillas around and you can bake these up in 10 minutes any time.  But for the big game day, take these chips and turn them into the best nachos you have ever had. I am actually working on some nacho recipes to share, yes, they can be healthy and made without cheese or less cheese.  Assuming you are having meat, top these with some cooked lean ground beef and/or homemeade refried beans (just mash up a can of beans and cook in a little oil with diced onion and garlic and chopped cilantro if desired), salsa, guacamole and some non dairy sour cream, you can even get some sliced olives and jalapenos if that's your thing.  If going dairy try some fake meat or my favorite, soyrizo with the cheese.

pigs in a blanket

Pigs in a Blanket

Here is where we go a little on the naughty side, but who can resist some pigs in a blanket for a Super Bowl party.  What I do try is the mix in some veggie dogs in the mix, so at least some of the dogs are lower in fat and calories and sometimes instead of the heavy puff pastry I use wonton wrappers instead, baked or fried they are lighter.

The main goal for me any time I host is to serve lots of veggies so that I can fill up as much as I can on those.  I will have a crudites platter even if just for my family and we can eat them all night and all week long.

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A Super Bowl Party To Remember

meatball slider

Here is a guide to having the best super bowl party with a recipe for Meatballs Sliders.


Super Bowl Party

And finally a real super bowl classic with pigskin puppies, click on the picture for the recipe.

What are you planning for the big game day?