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Super Bowl Sunday: How a Foodie Keeps Score

football party

I'm not a football fan, my favorite sport is eating.  When I found out that the Super Bowl is the 2nd biggest eating day after Thanksgiving, I realized I'm not the only one.  Besides the commercials, I show up for the Super Bowl for the food.  That is why I shared some great tips for a healthier party and tips for a great game from tailgater extraordinaire Elliot Chrem. Last year, our friend Ari Yokult shared his favorite game day recipes.

Did you know that there is a 25% increase in carrot eating on Super Bowl Sunday as compared to other Sundays?  The Wall Street Journal shared this statistic as well as the idea that healthy food makers "vie for a spot on game day".  Yogurt makers want you to use their products in dips and what's a party without guacamole?

How does it all break down?  You won't believe the score!


  pounds of chicken wings


pounds of tortilla chips


  pounds potato chips


  pounds pretzels


pounds avocados


gallons beer


   pizza pies

Source: Wall Street Journal

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