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Super Passover Stuffings

sweet potato fruit farfel stuffing

To stuff or not to stuff? That’s the question when it comes to turkeys and I am definitely in the not to stuff camp. Turkeys are big birds and there’s always a concern that the stuffing will not get to a high enough temperature to kill any growing bacteria. It also increases the cooking time and can lead to drier meat because you have to cook the turkey longer if it’s stuffed.

stuffed hens

But just because I prefer not to stuff a turkey does not mean we have to do without. Baking it in a baking dish eliminates the potential health risk and the risk of overcooking your bird. I know, I know. Cooking the stuffing outside of the bird doesn’t have quite the same flavour – it’s missing the turkey juices that it absorbs while cooking. We can achieve a very similar result by using turkey or chicken stock in the recipes.

herb veggie farfel

I like to use farfel for Passover stuffings. If you use farfel and chicken or turkey stock, you can take the stuffing in many directions, adding different vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices. Mushroom, Leek and Swiss Chard Stuffing combines some of my favorite vegetables to make a delicious stuffing. If you like a stuffing full of vegetables and herbs, the Herbed Vegetable Stuffing is for you. And if you like fruit with your poultry, try the Sweet Potato and Fruit Farfel Stuffing. Finally, if you really like to cook the stuffing inside the bird, I suggest using Cornish hens instead of a turkey.Glazed Cornish Hens with Vegetable Stuffing is a great option – the stuffing and glaze are easy to prepare but will impress your friends and family.

mushroom leek swiss chard stuffing