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What is Ricotta Cheese? 

Ricotta is an Italian soft spreadable cheese usually made from Cow's milk.  It is soft and airy with a much finer curd than cottage cheese. It was traditionally made as a by-product in the cheese-making process using the leftover curd that comes from making other cheese.  These days it is more often made directly from milk and it's so simple you can even make it that way at home. Get our recipe to make your own Homemade Ricotta Cheese

Fresh Cheese and Ricotta 14.jpg

Ricotta cheese is delicious on its own, spread on toast, but it has so much more potential.  It is high in protein and calcium and can find its way into every meal of the day.  

From sweet to savory, from simple to complex, ricotta will add creaminess, flavor, and depth to all these recipes. 

What's your favorite recipe with ricotta?