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Take Down the Carbs This Purim

fruit punch

Purim is a very special day and is certainly more than fireworks and candy bars. The mitzvah of Mishloach manos is a unique mitzvah that has gotten a bit out of hand. Where is the source that requires Mishloach manos to have as much refined sugar and carbs as possible!!

As parents, we want every Yom Tov to be special for our families. Since Purim centers on so much eating in one day, it might take a bit of serious determination and foresight to make it as healthy and meaningful as possible. The same goes for Seuadas Purim--Join our campaign against Purim carbohydrate-overload and make this important day a time of fun, and a healthy and good example for the entire family!

Some thoughts that we hope will help start a new trend:

  • Choose a healthy theme, so that you and your children don't stare candy wrappers in the face all day.
  • Pick out your children's favorite treats and put them in a special place, to be used slowly over the next few weeks rather than eating them all at once.
  • Together with your children collect all the candy and for every candy exchanged give them a designated amount of money that is age appropriate. This is a good opportunity to remind them of designating a certain amount of their money for tzedakkah—it's a win win situation!
  • The extra food and nosh can be donated to organizations that distribute food to the poor.
  • Go with them to your local hospital to distribute this food to children that have to, unfortunately, spend Purim in the hospital.

Enjoy these healthy recipes: Fruit Punch, Strawberry Sorbet, and Spinach Veal Soup.