Thanksgiving From Manischewitz

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With Thanksgiving Thursday fast approaching and an endless shopping list on our mind, Manischewitz is introducing some fantastic new products to make our Thanksgiving holiday (a little easier).  While they can’t tell you where Uncle Max should sit or how to carve your turkey, these new products promise to make things a little less stressful in the kitchen this time of year.

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Manischewitz® New Turkey Broth joins the full line of broths which include Chicken, Low Sodium Chicken, Beef and Vegetable.  These broths are kosher, contain no MSG, and are fat-free.  These All-Natural broths can be used to enhance a number of recipes and are available in all flavors in 14 oz cans and 32 oz cartons in Chicken, Low Sodium Chicken, Beef and Vegetable.

Manischewitz® All-Natural Gravies are made from a delicious, home-cooked recipe.  The flavors include new Turkey which joins the three original varieties: Chicken, Reduced Sodium Chicken and Beef.  Not only is it the only all natural, kosher gravy on the market, but its healthy, delicious taste will make it a regular guest at your holiday table.




 popular line of coating crumbs now include Cornflake Crumbs,

 which will give your food a delicious, crunchy coating and is a good source of fiber.  Featured on the back of each can is a delicious recipe to make and share with others.

Find these new products in your local grocery store.