This year try something new and different for your Chanukah party or even just one of your eight nights at home with the family.   Sure we are big latke fans over here, have you browsed our collection of over 90 Latkes right here on the site? Once you are done with all those come back here and try something new.

Most people have only ever had these at a bar or restaurant, often they come from the freezer.  Some people shy away completely for fear that they will be to spicy.  If you give them a shot, even the spice averse will find that homemade Jalapeño poppers are worth a fry (try).  When you remove the seeds from a Jalapeño you remove most of the spice and then when you cook it, you tame it more and finally when you stuff it with cheese and cover in bread crumbs, all you get is crispy, cheesy perfection!!


What better way to celebrate Chanukah, a holiday of oil and frying and a holiday of dairy, then to combine them both in these Jalapeño poppers and dip them in a mildly spicy Wasabi mayo sauce from Gold's.  In this recipe, Sina combines feta, cheddar and cream cheese for a real unique flavor combination.  But you can fill these peppers with anything you want, just make sure cheese is involved and that you save some Gold's for dipping.

Get the full recipe for Jalapeño Poppers and Wasabi Dipping Sauce here.

Disclosure: This post and giveaway is sponsored by Gold's.