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Short Rib Sliders

About 6 years ago, the summer before the release of my first book, I drove to the Gold’s factory and warehouse out on Long Island for the first of many visits.  I was going to meet Steven Gold, a kind man fiercely dedicated to his craft, to discuss a series of cooking videos I was commissioned to do for the OU featuring his products.

About 9 years ago I was the Bride Who Knew Nothing, a newlywed without a clue in the kitchen. Yeah, yeah I know you read that book and know that story but keep reading, this is a new one. Even way back then, when it came to entertaining there was one rule that I lived by and still live by to this day: the 3 Ps.

Just like in real estate where it’s all about Location, Location, Location, my guiding domestic mantra was, is and always will be: the 3 Ps, Presentation, Presentation, Presentation.

As a single girl, I frequented Rabbi and Rebbetzin Young’s home for Shabbos, in Lawrence, Long Island.   Rebbetzin Judy Young, a”h, always set the most beautiful Shabbos table.  No bottles, no containers, no disposables.  Absolutely nothing was served in the original packaging in which it came. She even had special old school glass bottles for the soda that would keep it fizzy and bubbly and far from flat.

Funny, you see mommy dearest had that same rule. All the takeout she brought home for dinner was plated on our own dishes. It really changes the dining experience when you eat off dinnerware and not with plastic ware.

My first Shabbos cooking for Hubby was a wild one. You all know the great chicken soup disaster I wrote about in my first book, but what you don’t know is that in addition to embarrassing myself that Shabbos, I was also quite perturbed. I shrieked in horror when Hubby insisted that the Horseradish bottle, label and all be brought to my beautiful Shabbos table. I protested, I shrieked again, I even threatened a sit-in, but he kindly let me know that there ain’t no way I am transferring his sacred Gold’s horseradish into my new crystal serving dish with that adorable tiny spoon some cousin I don’t know bought off my registry. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he wouldn’t even allow the pretty delicate arm of my tiny little spoon to just gingerly peak out of the top of his horseradish bottle because the cap as I would soon learn is only removed to take horseradish out and then is promptly returned, and tightly sealed to keep the sharpness and freshness of his horseradish in. So while my table was set and ready to be photographed for a magazine spread, Hubby was busy staging some kinda commercial for Gold’s.

It irked me, for a looong while. It took quite a few Shabbosim, but as fate would have it sometimes you come to love the things that irk you. Sometimes. I’m talking about the horseradish of course. And soon I was yelling (nicely mind you) at our guests. Insisting they quickly reseal that lid and lock in our classic Shabbos condiment, proud of myself that I now was in the club and knew the horseradish drill.

About 3 years later, pregnant with my first son, I waddled to Gold’s to meet the man in the house that horseradish built and proudly told him what fans we are and how it all began with his signature horseradish. I told him my story and he said Hubby was right! Hubby of course thinks he’s always right, so this was just another feather in his cap.

Steve Gold took me on a tour of the plant and I entered a room with horseradish root so beautiful (and sharp) it made you cry.  And I’ll never forget the first time I saw the hot pink rivers of beet juice flowing freely. I was also introduced to some new Gold’s products that I had never tried. Gold's BBQ Sauce and Borscht had eluded me until then, but no more.  Gold's BBQ sauce inspired some of my favorite summer recipes like Short Rib Sliders and Buffalo Sliders with Crispy Onion Rings.  So it was about 6 years ago that I officially became a team player and now you can too!

Enjoy our recipes for Summer BBQs, Shabbat Menus and Weekday Meals.  

It’s not yet Memorial Day weekend, I know this of course because I haven’t yet celebrated my b-day which falls out on this American national holiday. But BBQ sauce doesn’t have to wait until you dust off your grill and get it goin’. Here are my favorite Quick & Kosher BBQ sauce recipes to inspire you whether you win or not. Because really, with these recipes, we all win the Gold! (So sorry I couldn’t resist one more pun!)

Share a funny newlywed story, or a food/entertaining thing you and your spouse don't see eye to eye on, or a creative tip for using BBQ sauce or horseradish or both,  or write a poem, or just comment and say "hey" for your chance to win, enter below.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and giveaway as part of a partnership with Gold's. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.