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The Finale - 4 Pareve Desserts

layered cream dessert

These perfectly-portioned desserts cap off any meal in grand style—and they’re easy and quick to prepare!

pistachio dessert

Fantastic Pistachio Parfait

This parfait is great in any form. If you dont have individual molds, you can pour the parfait into an 8-inch square pan and cut into cubes when it freezes. Or—freeze it in any large pretty silicone mold.

Black and White Dream Cups

Black and White Dream Cups

The trick in this recipe is the presentation....the rest is extremely easy and fun!!

layered cream dessert

Chocolate-Coffee Layered Cream Dessert

A very simple and classy dessert. It’s easy to make and you can make and freeze it ahead of time.

Non Dairy Cashew Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cashew Ice Cream "Sandwiches"

The cashew ice cream in this recipe is superb, but even so, I sometimes like to serve it with an interesting variation on a theme—here, I made ice cream sandwiches , but you can always use the ice cream recipe on its own.