The Last Suppers

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Potato and Cheddar Frittata

Hi Jamie,
I am a harried mom of 3 and find cooking healthy meals in the last few days before Pesach a real challenge. It’s no big deal to eat out once or twice – but the challenge is feeding everyone well while bringing minimal chometz into the house. What kind of suppers do you advise?
Thanks, Jenny in Boston

I am struggling with this too. For me it’s even harder because I “turn over” my kitchen to Pesachdig early on (to get a jump on the cooking) and it feels like Pesach here for 15 days, not 8.

But no matter what stage we’re at, we are all trying to clean, shop for food and supplies, finish last-minute work commitments, get the kids new clothes (“No , you can’t go to shul in those torn pants.”) buy that spring jacket … and everyone needs haircuts.

Then Hubby and the kids stroll in and ask, “What’s for dinner?” So guys, here’s my attempt at keeping the family satiated while really doing 100 other things.

1. Breakfast for Dinner: omelets, frittatas, even scrambled or sunny side up eggs. You can make it feel a little more like dinner with a side of fries -- or just embrace it and make hash browns.
2. Latkes are not just for Chanukah. They’re perfect for Pesach and pre-Pesach. Make ‘em straight up potato or go for the pumped up veggie variety and serve with a side of salad.
3. Roasted chicken, grilled meat, poached or broiled fish with steamed veggies (or sauté with some garlic or shallots, and a touch of olive oil and salt). This is a meal even weight-watchers can be proud of.
4. If the weather cooperates, it’s a great time for a backyard barbecue – everybody stay outside with those hot dog buns! (Or skip the buns if you’re already K for P and just let go on the hamburgers & sides.)
5. Salads that eat like a meal are perfect this time of year - not just because of Passover but as the weather warms up we are all looking to lighten up our food. Gravitate towards power packed veggie and fruit versions with a solid protein and you are good to go.

Here are some great recipes for Pre-Pesach dinners that are totally K for P that you can use this week or even on chol hamoed.

Spinach and Cheddar Frittata with Fries
Eggplant Omelette
Speedy Coq au Vin
Baked Oniony Chicken
Leek and Mushroom Chicken with Herbed Spaghetti Squash
Chicken Cacciatore
Italian Tomato Salad
Roasted Sweet Vegetables in Spicy Cinnamon Cider
Quinoa with Fried Onions and Chestnuts