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The Lava Lamp Cocktail Link Up

lava lamp cocktail

If the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a lava lamp is a visit to Spencer’s at your local mall or a blissed out night during college listening to psychedelic music, you’re probably not alone, but I'm here to tell you there's a little more to the Lava Lamp than all that.

I was inspired by a friend’s recent story about a Lava Lamp cocktail and I was able to create a fun at home version that you can enjoy with or without alcohol, so it’s a perfect party drink whether you’re having some friends over or stuck at home with the kids.

Start with some homemade cranberry simple syrup, it's easier than you think! Cranberries impart a natural, bright red color to the sugar syrup. There is no discernible tartness, just a refreshing cranberry infused sweetness. For the kids, pour a little bit of the cranberry simple syrup into a clear glass of unflavored seltzer with a few dried cranberries and watch in amazement as the dried cranberries float around just like a lava lamp! The Lava Lamp Cocktail is a fraction of the calories of any store-bought soda and a lot more fun to stare at for hours.

For grownups looking for a creative, easy to assemble cocktail, adding cranberry simple syrup to a sparkling wine or bubbly moscato will produce the same circa-1970s visual effects.

Somebody turn up the eight-track, I think I hear the Grateful Dead playing in the background.

lava lamp cocktail

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