Top Ten Honey Recipes and Hosting Tips

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Cause I am feeling sweet I'm sharing my top 10 honey recipes along with my top 10 tips for hosting this holiday.  But not before a word from our sponsor… honey, the sweetest of all the simanim this Rosh Hashanah.

What are simanim?

Simanin, literally signs or indicators, are a series of symbolic foods that we partake of on Rosh Hashanah, each preceded by a specific blessing to symbolize our hopes (meant to point the way to improved circumstances) for the coming year.

And the most famous of all simanim -- an apple dipped in honey, symbolizing our heartfelt hope that Hashem renew for us a good and sweet year.  The full list of simanim include beets, cabbage, carrots, dates, fenugreek, fish and a fish head/sheep head, gourds, leeks, pomegranates, and spinach.  For more about Simanim see this here post

But in the meantime if you plan on hosting 50 this holiday, or 25 or however it is that you define a BIG crowd you all know you can’t put out a plate of apples and honey and call it a day.  Hosting for the high holidays takes some planning.  Here are my secrets for cooking for a crowd without going bonkers. This here is my Quick & Kosher Yuntif Lifesaver List– though, of course, you can apply these to any special occasion, any time of the year. Essentially, the tips break into two categories: Menu Choices, and How to Make It Happen.

I will leave you with some of our sweetest Rosh Hashanah honey recipes… and in exchange I ask that you leave me with some comments… what are your top tips for cooking for a crowd? Share, it’s only fair.

K’siva V’Chasima Tova!

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