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Try Sangria For the 4 Cups


When I was growing up we spent every Pesach with my paternal grandparents. What my grandmother may have lacked in "haute cuisine" was more than made up by the love that went into every dish that came out of her tiny kitchen. Whether we were just one table of immediate family, or two banquet-size tables full of extended relations (and the occasional stranger who had no place else to be), there was always plenty of everything to go around. No matter how much work went into Pesach prep, when it was time for the Seder, there was nothing but smiles and hugs and wine all around.

As a kid, there was much I didn't know about Pesach. I didn't know about the amount of work that went into all the cooking my grandmother did. I didn't know about all the shlepping my poor grandfather had to do, running up and down from their single storage locker to change over the kitchen for the holiday. And I surely didn't know that there were legitimate choices other than sweet, Concord grape wine for the 4 cups.

Alas, I have come to know the realities of what it takes to prepare a home and kitchen for Passover. But I have also learned that there are wonderful kosher for Passover wine options for both the Seder meal and for the rest of the holiday.

Whether you choose to sip from 4 cups of dry wine, 4 cups of sweet wine, or 4 cups of grape juice at your Seder table, this basic sangria recipe will give you the chance to mix up something fruity and wonderful “on all other nights.”

Basic Sangria

Basic Sangria

Wishing everyone a happy and kosher Passover!

As seen in the Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller Magazine

Joy of Kosher Spring Magazine 2014

Passover (Spring) 2014

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