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Tzafun - A Prize For The Afikoman

3 days to passover

Finding the Afikomen is always an exciting event in my house. The young ones take it seriously, but sometimes the adults take it even more seriously. When all the kids were young, my Dad hid it in the same spot for several years; it was always under his chair! Once we realized his trick, and he had to change up the hiding spot, searching for the Afikoman became serious business. My family has never been big on expensive prizes, more fun free prizes, like not having to take out the garbage, or the good old fashioned option of a few dollar bills after the holiday ends. Here are a few ideas for prizes, most of which don't cost too much, for children (and adults) of all ages.

Tzafun - Toys

For the younger ones:

The special toy they have been wanting

Their favorite superhero or princess items

Moses action figure

If you have lots of kids at your Seder just pick up some fun little toys from your local dollar store

Tzafun - Taking out the garbage

For the older ones:

Someone else will take out the garbage for a week

Allow them to stay up a set amount of time after bedtime

Almond Butter and Jelly Bar

For kids of all ages:

One-On-One time with Mom and Dad at their favorite restaurant

Bake them their favorite dessert - like this Almond Butter and Jelly Slice Passover Dessert for example

They can pick the dinner menu for a week

A chocolate seder plate

Find the recipe for the Chocolate Covered Matzo Bark here!

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