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Unexpected Passover Potato Recipes


Potatoes are an inevitable part of Pesach. You’ll be happy they are when you whip up these fresh and flavorful dishes. These recipes use minimal ingredients so that everyone, no matter what their Pesach customs are, can enjoy them. You can use either the non-Gebrokts potato dough and the Gebrokts version, with either the pesto or the orange sauce.

Gnocchi – Non-Gebrokts
Gnocchi, pronounced “nyo-key”, are thick soft Italian dumplings, most commonly made with potatoes. Gnocchi is usually served as an appetizer, but works as a side or main dish as well. Classic accompaniments of gnocchi include pesto, tomato-based sauces, and melted butter with cheese.

Shlishkes – Gebrokts
Shlishkes are small potato-based dumplings, popular in Ashkenazic Eastern European cooking. These soft dumplings are traditionally rolled in browned and flavored crumbs. Make this dish non-Gebrokts by using the gnocchi potato dough for the shlishkes, and by replacing the matzo meal with more ground almonds for the crumbs. Or just save this special recipe for the last day of Pesach like I do!

Zuppa Arancione
Zuppa Arancione literally means “orange soup” in Italian. Use this thick, delicious, sweet and savory, hearty soup as a base for gnocchi. As with all my recipes, if you are using regular table salt, cut back the salt amount by one-third.

Who can resist classic hand rolled gnocchi accompanied by fresh homemade pesto? If your Pesach customs allow for the use of pesto ingredients, go for it! A little goes a long way with this flavor-packed sauce.

Click here for an explanation of Gebrokts and other Passover kosher information.

Here are 10 Non Gebrokts recipes.

As seen in Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller Magazine Pesach 2012 –

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