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Urchatz - DIY cleaning Products

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While preparing for passover one of the first things that I do is buy cleaning products. I guess in my mind the more cleaning products I have the more prepared I am for the passover cleaning frenzy.

Since I made Aliyah five years ago I discovered something that has changed my outlook on cleaning products forever. The water consistency in Israel is different then the US and tends to stain glass showers. No matter what I did or used I wasn't able to clean my shower doors properly. Then one day my landlord came over and suggested I use apple cider vinegar to remove the stains. The stains came off immediately and I decided to stop buying overpriced cleaning products and learn more about homemade cleaning products that would save both time and money. Did I forget to mention the added benefit of using chemical free products in your home?

Here are some DIY cleaning products you have to try!


This Window Cleaner will save you time and money and leave all your windows squeaky clean!


Have your Toilet Bowl sparkle with this DIY Toilet Cleaner.


If there is something I always keep on Hand it's these Homemade Cleaning Wipes! I love how easy it is to clean up small messes!

For More DIY Products follow the links below!

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