Using Up Leftover Turkey

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Loaded Turkey Salad

There are some people who can eat turkey for days and they look forward to Thanksgiving every year just so that they can eat turkey sandwiches the rest of the week.  Then there are some people who enjoy the fresh turkey on Thanksgiving, but would rather not see it again until next Thanksgiving.  The only problem is you can't seem to get a small turkey anywhere and of course if you have a big crowd you want to make sure you have enough.  With all the sides, some people's favorite part of the meal, there is inevitably turkey leftover.

If you are in the camp of people looking for new ways to serve up your turkey, here are a few suggestions.

TurkeY Shepherd's pie

Turkey Sheppard Pie

This recipe from Suzie Fishbein calls for ground turkey, so you would have to adapt it for leftover turkey, but I think it would be perfect.  Just chop up your leftovers into small cubes and saute for a little less time than the recipe calls for.  The rest will work perfectly and will be delicious.   If you are not so comfortable with recipe adaptations, go ahead and use this recipe for Leftover Turkey Pot Pie.  Similarly, you could sub the ground turkey for chopped leftovers in these Five Spice Turkey Egg Rolls.


Potato Leek Quiche (non dairy version)

Here is another adaptation for you.  Since it is still Hanukkah, try adding chopped turkey this recipe for Potato Leek Quiche.  Starting with a shredded potato crust, which is almost like a latke, you can just add some turkey to the filling.

Leftover Turkey Shawarma

Leftover Turkey Shawarma

Looking for new flavors? Spice up your turkey with Shawarma seasoning, stick it in a pita, add some salads and you got an Israeli favorite.


Turkey Potato Hash

You can never go wrong with a simple hash.  Chop up potatoes or sweet potatoes, saute with onions and leftover turkey.  Add spinach for color and to make it a more complete healthy meal.

Smoked Turkey Rosti Latke

Smoked Turkey Rosti Latke

This recipe uses smoked turkey, but any leftover turkey would work well too.  It is basically a thin potato latke, easy to make and perfect for this time of year.  You can also try these Turkey Latkes with Shredded Turkey.

Loaded Turkey Salad

Loaded Turkey Salad

For the simplest approach go with salad.  Turkey can be added to any kind of salad.  We love this Loaded Turkey Salad and this Asian Turkey Salad.

What do you do with leftover turkey?