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Vegan Pie Pops From Hannah

Pie Pops

Hamentaschen are in-arguably the dessert du jour for Purim, but that doesn't mean that there's no room for creative interpretation.  Iron out the corners, add a lollipop stick handle for grab-and-go fun, and you'd get these stunningly simple Pie Pops.  Between the tender crust and fruity center, what are they but miniature, triangular pies, after all?

Familiar fillings with small twists liven up the standard pastry, sure to satisfy the traditional and adventurous palate alike. Not to mention, the downsized format is perfect for portion control.  Right at home in a basket of mishloach manot, recipients both young and old alike can find flavors to enjoy.

Creamy Chocolate Mousse is a fool-proof pick for any crowd, possessing a richness and depth of flavor unexpected from such a simple preparation. As long as you don't mention the secret ingredient (tofu!) no one would ever be the wiser.

Pecan pie, that sweet southern belle, meets with the decidedly northern delight of maple syrup.  Crunchy, nutty, nectarous and salty, this study in contrasts comes together harmoniously in each bite.

Finally, the last filling is not one to share with the kids, Poached Pear is a treat for the adults to fight over instead.  Tender pieces of ripe pear are gently simmered in and infused with cider and red wine before being stuffed inside those flaky pastry cases.   Family-style pies can only dream of being this elegant and fun all at once.