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VIDEO How To: Hamantaschen

hamantashen video

As the JOK Taster I've been cooking up a lot of yummy'ness lately - but this project, well it's one that I think you're really gonna enjoy. We've made a really fun and quick video to boost your hamantaschen inspiration. If you've been having a hard time getting into the baking mood take a minute and watch the video, really it'll only take you a minute, ok 90 seconds to be exact :) but truly, its worth it. And if you're already uber excited about spending some quality time in the kitchen for Purim this video will at least bring a smile to your face.

The actual hamantaschen that I made in this video is a compilation of a couple of recipes (how could I, the JOK Taster choose only one?) The dough that I used in the video was one of Tamar's wonderful recipes. I tried the recipe both with the optional lemon juice and without it. Both versions are great, and I was really amazed at how much crispier they turned out with the lemon juice - almost like a totally different cookie. So now you have a reason to make a double batch ... ;)

I love how versatile hamantaschen are, you can fill them with just about anything. One of the recipes that I found when I was "researching" for this video (I mean come on, how can I really call it research? I got to pour over recipes, for hamantaschen and call it work?!?!?!) called for Junior Mints. I was sold on that idea right away. Chocolate & mint. Sold! However, the grocery store was sold out. They didn't have the first package of them anywhere. So I looked for the next best alternative, something that was at least shaped similarly to the Junior Mint. Thus the Milk Dud made its entrance. And was it a WOW hamantaschen!!! I am SO glad I couldn't find the Junior Mints that first time I ran to the grocery store for supplies. Because now I have two GREAT ideas and both of them include chocolate with some of its best parings!

We can't leave out the faithful standby, the jelly filled hamantaschen. The filling that's so quick and easy anyone can do it and bake hamantaschen that look like they are filled with jewels. If you still want some more ideas for fillings, something exotic maybe or one that you remember your bubbe making here is a list of six more filling ideas!

Chag Sameach!