Shabbat Menu With A Sweet Beginning

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chocolate challah

In parsha Vayechi, Jacob’s days draw to a close, he gathers Joseph and his children, Ephraim and Manasseh, for a blessing that we include every Friday night for our sons.  Jacob reverses the traditional order and raises the younger son before the older, once again upsetting the traditional birthright.   Despite weary eyes, Jacob’s vision sees beyond the natural order of things.  We all know dessert typically follows a meal and you will never over hear a parent say: “eat your dessert and then you can have dinner” – except on this Shabbat.  This week we start our Shabbos meal off with a Chocolate Chip Challah Bread that will bring the sweet taste of the end of the meal to the beginning.  Like Jacob, we like to turn things around sometimes, too.

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