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Walders Vanilla Vodka


Q: Tell me about Vodka and Vanilla by Walders.
A: A pareve, creamy, truly luscious drink that's got a nice alcohol kick but still won’t knock you for a loop so you can sip it all night.

Q: What does it taste like, is it sweet?
A: Yes, sweet, but not cloying.

Q: How is it made?
A: Walders Vodka & Vanilla is a velvety rich, creamy liqueur uniquely infused with premium quality vodka and vanilla, blended with a natural non-dairy base, which delivers a taste sensation likened to a liquid vanilla ice-cream with a nice little kick!

Q: How does one drink it? Alone, mixed drink?
A: Yes and yes! In coffee especially iced coffee and over desserts especially ice cream.

Q: Should you keep it in the freezer?
A: I wouldn't freeze it but ice cold.

Q: What award did it win?
A: Walders Vodka & Vanilla won a Bronze medal at the world renowned International Wine & Spirits Competition.

Q: What took you so long to bring this to market?
A: Perfecting this was a major hurdle. To be able to get a real delicious dairy tasting drink without the dairy is almost miraculous, especially at this taste and quality level.

Q: What other flavored vodkas do you offer?
A: None at this time.

Q: Do all flavored Vodkas need to have supervision?
A: Ask your local Rabbi, but as I understand it YES, since some flavors may contain glycerin and other non kosher ingredients.

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