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Why is Thanksgiving Night Different from All Other Nights?

Why is Thanksgiving Night Different from All Other Nights

10 ways Thanksgiving dinner might be a little different in a kosher home:

  1. No planning 3 months or even 1 month ahead of time.  Compared to 8 days of Passover, Turkey Day's a snap!
  2. People "wash" for the meal.
  3. Have to figure out creamy mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and pie and ice cream without any dairy.
  4. Guests are confused when dinner starts before sundown.
  5. "What, no challah!?!"
  6. Your company may stay through Shabbat.
  7. Grace is sung in Hebrew after the meal.
  8. Host and hostess go to bed dreaming  of ways to turn leftovers into Shabbat dinner.
  9. Don't need an excuse to skip Black Friday shopping—gotta' get ready for Shabbat.
  10. "Those are pilgrims, honey, not rabbis."

We want to know how your Thanksgiving is different. Leave us your comments below.