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Yom Ha'atzmaut: Israeli Food Blog Round-up

Yom Haatzmaut- Israeli Food Blog Round-up

Looking for Israeli food information for Yom Ha'atzmaut? These 10 blogs give you a taste of what's out there.

Israeli cuisine is a vibrant mix of traditional Jewish dishes, both Sephardi and Ashkenazi, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean fare, plus cooking from around the world. In addition to the array of dishes brought by immigrants, or olim as they are called in Hebrew, Israelis' love of travel and exposure to other cultures contributes greatly to the country's culinary diversity. In a, dare-to-say, delicious irony, English speaking migrants from places like the United States are called anglosaksim (Anglo-Saxons) in Israel. And, while their culinary influence may be less readily apparent than that of other larger Israeli ethnic communities, their presence is felt in the blogosphere. These sites give a sense of what's available.

Culinary & Restaurant Info from Israeli Newspapers

Israel's oldest and best known English newspaper, the Jerusalem Post, features extensive Food & Wine Pages covering the Israeli culinary and restaurant scene in its Arts & Culture section. Not to be outdone, Israel's newspaper of record, Ha'aretz, and its most widely read paper, Yediot Aharonot, also cover food on their English language sites.

English Food Bloggers in Israel

Foodies Miriam Kresh at Israeli Kitchen and Michelle Nordell at Baroness Tapuzina feature Israeli food info, recipes and reviews. For a more official take, check out IsRealli Kitchen on the Blog of the State of Israel. At My Mom’s Recipes and More, Chani Harel gives step-by-step instructions for traditional Israeli dishes. Chani also maintains a more extensive blog in Hebrew titled Lemon & Ginger. For a nice collection of Israeli recipes and food info try the Israeli food pages at Vegetarianism is popular in Israel and most meals include some vegetarian choices. Tel Aviv's Liz Steinberg writes about kosher vegetarian cooking, including vegan, parve and dairy recipes.

Hebrew Food Blogs

In addition to Chani Harel's Lemon & Ginger, Kosher food at has a list of the top 10 Israeli food bogs in Hebrew including Bishulim, a comprehensive Israeli recipe resource.

Israel Independence Day Bonus Blog

As a bonus, try How to Be Israeli by Maya, an olah hadashah (new immigrant) living in Israel's north. In addition to posts about food and cooking like "How to Make Israeli Salad," Maya shares humorous insights into Israeli society like her recent piece on "How to Wait in Line Like an Israeli."  In typical fashion, she writes in her disclaimer, "I can't actually tell you how to be Israeli, because I'm still working on it myself. But at least we can muddle towards Israeli-ness together!"

Happy reading and yom ha'atzmaut sameach!

Hey, what's your favorite Israeli dish, recipe or blog? Leave us your comments and let us know.

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