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Morad Winery Fruit Wines and Liqueurs

watch morad winery summer cocktail

Nestled at the foothills of Israel’s fertile Carmel Mountains, Morad Winery is famous for their distinctive fruit wines and liqueurs made from nature’s harvest.

I met the owners Ellen and Gershon Bodner at Kosherfest this past year and we really hit it off -- some might even call it a LOVE fest!  So then I tasted their Pomegranate Wine and LOVED, after which I tasted their Passion Fruit Wine and LOVED EVEN MORE, after which they invited me to visit the winery and meet Yaakov Morad a 4th generation wine maker and the artist behind this boutique winery’s unique fruit flavors.

In an instant we agreed to shoot the next episode of JOY of ISRAEL at the winery and make a signature summer cocktail together.  I then met, what we call in my house, the ganse mishpocha (that translates to the WHOLE FAMILIA!).   Ellen and Gershon’s son, Ari, Amir and Orit Bodner, Gershon’s brother and sister in law, Ettie, Yakov Morad’s wife and more Morad friends and family.

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at our shoot.

setting up at morad

This is what we call guerrilla filmmaking. Brian our cinematographer (and editor) is fastening a camera to the ceiling to catch overhead angles of our cocktail demo.


This is Tomer Narkis, from Duvdevan Events. He's full of fun and personality and taught me how to make a Summer Breeze THE drink for summer entertaining!


This is Tomer again and Sivan from Morad Winery. Crazy story: I made sure to tell everyone more than once to dress nicely for the cameras. When we arrived and unloaded the car after our almost 2 hour drive I realized I had left my clothes and "jewels" at home. I was wearing a sporty north face zip up and Sivan literally took the clothes off her back. My blue wrap is hers. My earrings are hers I wanted to ask her for her bracelet (she was SO stylish) but I thought that would be a bit too much. Thanks Sivan!!!

Learn the whole story and get an amazing cocktail recipe when you watch the video here: