Cowboy and Cowgirl Purim Menu

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We like themes.

The men, have rebelled though, and won, for the past few years.

There are 4 or 5 families in the neighborhood that we get together with every Purim and we the women always wanted to do a themed menu like Mexican or Italian you know.

This year Aliza, my Boston Cream Pie friend and hostess said we finally win - we get our theme.  But she rightfully decided our men are more cowboy than south of the border and thus our menu was born.

I am making a recipe for pulled bbq beef short rib sandwiches from my new book.  Until it comes out enjoy these fab pulled party sliders.  Dirty mashed potatoes, which only means I'm keeping the skins on (but scrub 'em  well because we don't really want these potatoes to be dirty), topped with a Costco-sized bag of fried onions and Southwestern Steak Salad -- cause it's kinda cowboy.  We're also doing Fried Chicken, wingsand some fruit pies or cobblersfor dessert.  Actual dessert baking and selection I leave to Aliza -  she is the queen when it comes to the sweet endings.  Oh and I almost forgot - CHILI!!! It wouldn't be a party at the ranch without it.

What are you making?

Freilichin Purim and YEEEHAWWW!