Winter Salad Healthy Comfort Food

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winter quinoa salad

Winter for me can be associated with two things: Comfortable food and comfortable clothes.

We're talking bulky sweaters, big warm blankets and big bowls of mac and cheese or soup. It’s easy to bulk up over the winter months when your tummy is well hidden under layers and all you want is food that warms your body and soul. It’s hard to find vegetables that give you that feeling, especially since many of the veggies available aren’t in season and may be kind of sad looking. Needless to say, a big bowl of veggies isn’t exactly what comes to mind in the winter time, but that’s about to change.

winter quinoa salad long

By utilizing the fruits and vegetables in season during the winter months you’re sure to get the biggest of flavors that make you go "MMM good". This salad takes full advantage of citrus fruits, squash and pears, all of which are at their peak during the winter. The quinoa and nuts give you that satisfying carb and protein factors which keep you full and happy. This salad is full of color, life, and flavor plus its good for you, which makes it perfect for keeping that winter body under wraps without comprising on that winter comfort food satisfaction. This salad can be served with the ingredients warm or room temperature. Either way you serve it, it’s sure to be enjoyed!

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