4 Ways to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

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A resolution is a commitment you make to achieve your personal goals, like quitting smoking or losing weight.  People often make resolutions at the start of a new year because it's a time to reflect on the past and consider change for the future.  Many people join a gym and start exercising for the first time or the fiftieth time.   Are you sticking to your New Year's resolutions?

How Many People Stick to Their Resolution?

More often than not, people do not stick to their New Year's resolutions for very long. In one study over two years, about one in five people (20%) were able to keep their resolutions. On the other hand, three in five (60%) dropped their resolution within 6 months. In a British study, only 22% of people reported that they were "very successful" in keeping their resolutions.

Not great odds.  Maybe it's time to change our mindset and our terminology.  Here are four steps to help you make some changes in your life this year:

1.       Don’t call it a resolution

Let’s just make some objectives and goals and make them simple and doable and give them a time frame.  For example, if your overall objective is to lose weight, set three goals for the next three months to get you started. They could be anything from “take a walk twice a week” to “eat a vegetable before every dinner”.  Then after three months you reevaluate and make new goals to continue to reach your objective.

2.       Don’t be shy, get support

Tell your friends and family what you are doing, don’t keep it a secret.  If they know you are trying to make a change they can help rather than hinder your progress.

3.       Prepare for a relapse

Everyone slips, don’t let it stop you from moving on. Be prepared for setbacks to happen and get right back up.

4.       Use rewards

Give yourself a reward for reaching your goals. Just make it appropriate,  if your objective is weight loss, don't use food as award.  Go out to a movie, get a manicure, something that will make you happy.