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I don't know about you, but when icy winds blow and I'm inching my car over snowy roads -- the wipers swishing madly as the flakes cover my windshield -- my mind escapes to a vision of me curled up on the couch with a steaming cup of something in my hand.

And I mean something that will warm me from the inside out, maybe even bring back a few soothing memories. Hot chocolate, for instance. I always loved hot cocoa with marshmallows on a school “snow day,” lovingly served by Mom when I should have been in math class. Warm milk brings to mind my late grandmother a”h. If I had trouble sleeping, that warm milk would soothe my belly, make my eyelids heavy and lull me into a contented slumber.

You probably keep a few hot drinks in your memory bank too. Think of the ones that give you the most comfort and pleasure: mulled wine? hot cider? mocha latte? warm milk spiked with vanilla syrup?

The English, of course, say that nothing rivals a spot of tea. Sweetened with a drop of milk, it cures everything from a broken arm to a broken heart. I have it on good authority from my English friend Hadassah that tea is truly their national chicken soup.

There is always coffee. I love café mocha, but that’s not an end of the day drink: it revs me up, instead of helping me unwind. But if caffeine is not a problem for you, treat yourself to a well-brewed cup of java (with or without flavorings) and feel those snowflakes melt from your mind.

In Israel it’s traditional (and so pleasantly easy) to place a few squares of your favorite chocolate at the bottom of a mug filled with hot milk. You stir and spoon and taste, and stir and spoon and taste, as the chocolate melts in the mug and in your mouth. It's easy and interactive and especially exquisite when topped with lots of sweet whipped cream.

Just in time for winter weather I have this list of perfect warm drinks for cold nights.