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Jerusalem Mixed Grill

Named for the city that’s bursting with history and people from all walks of life, this combo of spices brings your meats and veggies (and soups and stews and grains and everything!) to life!

Jerusalem Mixed Grill or Me’orav Yerushalmi, is one of the quintessential street foods of Israel. Considered a specialty of Jerusalem, the holiest city on earth, it’s said to have been invented in The Shuk, Machaneh Yehuda. Traditionally made up of a combo of liver, hearts, spleen and chicken thighs (don’t fret if you can’t stomach that mix of meats and organs), the dish, a national treasure, is mostly about the spices – the secret of everyone’s infatuation.   

Turmeric, cumin, coriander, black pepper sea salt, sweet paprika, sumac, and cinnamon make up this classic, earthy, middle eastern mix that is actually perfect mixed with everything (well maybe, except for dessert). Tell me if you want to taste Jerusalem? Then tell me what you’re spicing up.

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