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All the authenticity of that little Shawarma shop, but this bottle of spices got the fully pampered, premium-ingredient treatment!

You know the scene: Piles of spiced meat (chicken, turkey, beef or lamb), layered on a spit, topped with a healthy and hearty serving of fat (and sometimes onion), gently dripping while slowly turning against a soft grilling fire for hours and hours on end. When you order, a portion of shawarma is shaved off and loaded onto a laffa or stuffed into a pita, just like you like it - crispy and tender, spiced and full of flavor. We have carefully and lovingly bottled the essence of this experience for you to use on everything from vegetables to fish and of course chicken, turkey, lamb and beef. For when you want to relive your most treasured Israel shawarma memories. 

We love the spice combo so much we use it on everything from chicken to vegetables to fish to bring a little bit of Israel into our kitchen any time. 

Order our Jamie Geller Shawarma spice blend brought to you direct from Israel now at Amazon.