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Chraime is a spicy fish stew made with tomatoes. The name of the dish comes from the Arabic word "hot" and it is a popular Jewish Sephardi recipe served at all Shabbat and holiday meals.  It's also the Moroccan Fish dish that Melakhi brings with him to share with the other soldiers in Valley of Tears

Chraime is a quick and easy dish and can be made more or less spicy to taste.  Unlike many of the traditional Moroccan or Libyan recipes like couscous and mafrum, which take time and skill many don't have, Chraime can be cooked in less than 30 minutes and most of it is hands off. 

Just like any good traditional recipe that has been around for years, everyone has their version of the best way to make Chraime.  Some use crushed tomatoes, some simply use tomato paste.  They all use paprika, but the other spices added can vary as well. You can also use almost any kinds of fish, from tilapia, to snapper, to grouper, to salmon, they all make an excellent chraime. 

What is Jamie Geller Chraime spice blend? 


Named for the iconic spicy tomato fish stew mentioned above, Chraime is a warm blend of paprikas, sea salt, turmeric and sugar - not sweet and perfectly balanced. 

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How do you cook with chraime spice blend?

Use when you’re looking to impart delicate heat to fish, veg and poultry as well soups, sauces, stews, braises, marinades and more. (Popcorn seasoning anyone?) Originating from The Maghreb, your cooking will now have that distinctively Northwest African flair.


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