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How To Grill The Perfect Steak [Video]

Perfect Grilled Steak
Grow and Behold Pastured Meat

This was the most funnest (I don't care if that's not really a word) shoot ever!  Why?  For the following 4 reasons:

grow and behold steak video shoot

1) I wasn't alone.  I am mostly all by my lonesome (boo hoo hoo) in front of the camera and it can get hard to keep smiling and keep my energy up throughout a 16 hour day.  So it was SOOOOOO great to have my friend Naf Hanau from co-host this BEST EVER STEAK episode with me.  We were talking and eating and making his secret spice rub and my secret sauce and grilling steaks to perfection, what could be better? (No more tears for me!)

2) Naf and his wife Anna are such a pleasure.  And have such cute kids.  And such an amazing business with such a delicious quality product and such impeccable customer service.  It makes working with them and not really work at all.

3) Tamar was there. (look for her cameo at the end of the episode.)  We shot this episode in New York in Naf and Anna's Brooklyn backyard (and kitchen) so Tamar came to hang and help on set for the day.  (Really letting me put my feet up between takes cause it makes such a difference with the swelling.  LOVE YOU TAMAR!)

Grow and Behold Steaks on the Grill

4) The steaks were SO GOOD.  Like really SO GOOD.  Like SO SO GOOD that I felt bad for Hubby that he wasn't there to taste and test and taste s'more.  Lately he has been stuck eating 18 pounds of challah and a bunch of cheesecake riff recipes (and he doesn't even like cheesecake!).  So this was hard for him and even hard for me - cause his pain is my pain.  I almost couldn't bare it if not for the incredible steak I was eating.

Salivating yet?  Watch this simple, step-by-step video for Amazing Steaks, order your meat from and you too can experience the ecstasy of a perfect steak this summer from the comfort of your own backyard.

Get the full printable recipe here.

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Have a secret rub?  Or a secret sauce?  Or a tip to help spread steak love across the world?  Share it in the comments below.

perfectly grilled steaks

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