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Joy of Aliyah - The US Lift Episode

“THE LIFT” is the most anticipated event for anyone making aliyah. Your whole life is packed into a forty foot container (or crammed into a 20 footer).  About  four weeks before the big day a truck pulls up to your door, some guys jump out and proceed to package and cart away everyone of your earthly possessions, or at least the ones you want to take with you.

If you forget to put it on the lift, you’ll have to squeeze it into the two bags and one carry-on per passenger that you’re allotted on the plane. So whatever you erroneously left off, it better be small.

As the lift backed into our driveway my girls squealed  “it's SO big!” but I knew better.  OMG, I thought, I must be taking too much. All of our stuff will never fit into that big/little space.  But Ilan, the owner of Strand, our overseas moving company, assured me that lots of people have taken more. Is that a consolation? I happen to know that we’ll be moving into a place half the size of the one we’re leaving.  Never mind fitting into the lift – will we be able to squeeze all this into our new home?  Hubby said our curb in Israel will have more furniture than our house.  Guess he also agrees we overdid it, a bit.

So right now, the kids think it’s cool to camp out in sleeping bags on the carpet in their rooms. When we get to Israel, we’ll be lift-less for about a week and a half. Let’s hope the kids won’t tire of sleeping on the floor - are we having fun yet?

Now we're in it, enough with the announcement tease and episode, this is the  nitty gritty of aliyah and you are officially along for the ride.

Watch our 20-hour lift day condensed into just five minutes on the latest Joy of Aliyah webisode.

Love having you with us!

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