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BTS Making Mike and Ike Bejeweled Sugar Cookies

So for this one I had a little help from my friends.  First I needed a great recipe.  That's where my neighbor, who just happens to be a professional baker stepped in.  Meet Amy Schneider of Amy's.  

She makes cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more sweet treats exclusive and made-to-order for everyone's simchas and celebrations in these parts.  Mike and Ikes are her favorite candy, maybe that's what we get along so well.  Her favorite flavor is blue, mine is red - so maybe that's really why we get along so well.  I asked her to "make something sweet, something special and something easy with Mike and Ikes".  She happily obliged.

jamie with fun in jerusalem

Next came my friend from Joanna Shebson.  I said "I know your husband is in real estate and probably has a  bunch of gorgeous kitchens he can secure for me to use as our set... but... what I really want... is to use yours.  So do you mind if we come in with a crew of 7 and take over your house for 10 hours?"  Thankfully she obliged.  Maybe that's why we also get along so well.

mike and ike video1

So this here is the fabulous finished product.  Finally we reveal our top secret recipe for Amy's Mike and Ike Bejeweled Sugar Cookies - they are perfect and pretty and now all yours.


Get the recipe in detail here, Mike and Ike Bejeweled Sugar Cookies.

Disclaimer: This post and video are part of a partnership with Mike and Ike, all opinions are my own.