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Meet Jamie

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25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1. While falling asleep, I decorate imaginary houses. And so does Brooke Shields, so there!

2. I share my English birthday (May 29) with Bob Hope and JFK, but not really because they’re no longer alive. But if they were alive, doubtlessly I would exchange hilarious birthday cards with Bob and tasteful ones with Jack.

3. I cry a lot. Sad, happy, doesn’t matter. The first time she met Hubby, my sister (whom I usually love very much, except at that moment) told him he was marrying a cry baby. As soon as she said it, I burst into tears and blubbered, “am not!”

4. I pay for spinning three times a week, but I usually make it to class only once a week. I wonder if my bike misses me.

5. I love dancing (with inexplicable passion!) I’ll dance to anything – Jewish music, rock, waltzes, the pulsing of my kitchen blender.

6. I was a professional dancer at age five. At least, that’s what my mom says. She also says I was the most brilliant child ever born.

7. I taught hip hop classes until I was eight months pregnant. I only stopped because my students looked so worried.

8. The view from my office window looks like one of those Israel tourist brochures – a landscape of gorgeous, colorful rock formations and mountains covered with cool, green trees. Just seeing it makes me cry, or dance, or both.

9. I love one-floor living, but I dream of that floor being a sprawling penthouse apartment with crazy incredible views of Israel. I’d give it all up for a little place with one small window facing the Kotel.

10. Black is my favorite color – after white, scarlet and baby pink. So I guess white is my favorite color. No, red. No, pink.

11. I was nervous about having sons, since I only have a sister. Couldn’t imagine how on earth I could be mother to a boy. Now I know that I can have foolish concerns.

12. I have a really serious, spiritual side to me. As Hubby says, you just have to look to find it…and look…and look…

13. Long ago, I decided that when I grow up I want to be a nutritionist, an exercise teacher and own a gym. Did I mention that I miss two out of three spin classes?

14. I love fusion in both food and design. But not together. In other words, Mommy is not happy when you spill supper all over the couch.

15. In my dreams, I would have a white kitchen, with whiter than white Carrara marble countertops; the living room would have white leather couches, with white mohair rugs, and all in all I’d live in a fluffy white cloud of a penthouse apartment with stunning wraparound windows overlooking the best views in Israel.

16. In real life, my couch is brown and we go for a lot of hide-the-dirt earth tones.

17. My mother doesn’t like to see me cook, do dishes, or do any kind of housework. She doesn’t really want to see me work at all, just “do” lunch for a living. 

18. I worry about lots of silly little things; then I worry about being so worried, until I work myself up into a big emotional tizzy. If someone asks me why I’m so stressed out, my answer sounds completely ridiculous – even to me.

19. I don’t think that I am a good enough mother. Maybe I am. No, probably not.

20. My husband makes the lunches in our house.

21. I have dreams of putting sweet little love notes in my kids’ lunches – but I have yet to get around to it. See confession #20.

22. I love going on class trips, far more than the kids do.

23. I get really attached to my kids’ teachers and babysitters – especially the good ones who really love them. When the kids move on or graduate, I’ve been known to hug the teacher over and over and cry, while the kids tug gently at me, saying, “Let’s go, Mommy. You have to learn to let go…”

24. I would like to make my bed every day. ‘Nough said.

25. A toasted whole wheat everything bagel, literally dripping with butter, accompanied by a hot, sweet latté is a guilty pleasure of mine. I usually get one on my birthday, and I always tell the guy behind the counter that, so he shouldn’t think I’m some kind self-indulgent epicurean. Okay, so sometimes it’s not my birthday. I just need a pick-me-up. Or I want to celebrate something. Or I want to share this rare delight with a friend. And each time I order it, the counter guy gives me a skeptical look and asks, “Your birthday – again?”

Now I want to meet you. Share something (unexpected) about yourself in the comments below or feel free to just say "Hi". 

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