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The idea is not new... but the recipe is.

Here is how to make a cookie lover's mishloach manot jar:

Layer the dry ingredients for my Salted Almond Chocolate Cherry Cookies (or your favorite recipe) in a jar and attach a tag with simple baking instructions. 

This way your Purim mishloach manot recipients can enJOY hot, fresh baked cookies at their convenience. Kicker, the jar is also a great gift.

purim jars.jpg

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Download the printable tags here to match your favorite color scheme

Purim labels 2016 retouched

Warning, this one if for COOKIE LOVERS ONLY!

P.S. Cheap costume coordination idea: Dress up as bakers with a baker's hat and an apron stuffed with a whisk, spatula and/or wooden spoon. Splash some flour on your face for good measure.

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