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Tu B'Shvat is behind us and now Purim is also in the rearview mirror. Just over the horizon, Pesach is peeking through - and it will be here before we know it. Now's the time to start planning for the Pesach Seder.

The Seder is the kickoff to the weeklong holiday of Pesach. It's a night of remembrance, education, freedom, royalty, and celebration. We gather around our Seder table with our extended family in celebration of the freedom we were blessed to experience so many years ago.

The Seder is an integral part of the holIday and acts as its centerpiece. Such a special evening requires careful planning and preparation. Put thought and elegance into your Pesach table décor to bring out the beauty of the holiday.

The Seder plate is the focal point of the dining table. It is steeped in meaningful traditions and contains the most symbolic pieces used throughout the Seder. It should be both functional and ornamental and be prominently placed on the table. Get Jamie Geller's Passover Seder Checklist with details on how to fill your seder plate

Seder Plate

Matzo is another important component of the Pesach Seder – and should be enhanced with its own unique serving plate.

Each person's setting should include a wine goblet and hagadah. Wine is an important part of the Seder, so make sure to provide everyone with their own Kiddush cup and a filled wine decanter for the 4 cups of wine.

Passover seder goblets and decanters

And let's not forget the oversized goblet of wine for Eliyahu HaNavi.

Passover seder table

Keep the décor centerpiece simple. I've used some greenery. Other options could include spring colored flowers or a variety of candles. But remember keep it simple.

Passover seder tablescape

The Judaica items should be decorative and complementary to each other and act as the main decor.

Remember that this is a special evening. Allow your family and guests to feel the uniqueness of the evening as you welcome them to your Seder. Surprise your guests with a small gift placed smartly at their setting. Encourage interactive participation making for a lively and energy filled evening.

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