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How To Make a Shlissel Key Shaped Challah

Stills' Key Shaped Challah to symbolize good fortune in the year to come, traditionally made the Shabbat after Passover.

Shlissel Challah, or Key Challah is customarily made the Shabbos after passover. It is said to be a Segula for livelihood and Parnasa (income). A key is placed into the Challah dough while being braided and some even shape their Challah like a key. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to shape your challah dough into a key using our favorite Challah Recipe (Jamie's Geller's famous dough).

Now, how to shape the key, check out our step by step instructions (using play dough for illustration purposes, but it is also fun to play with):

schlissel challah step 1

Step 1

Once your dough is risen and ready to use cut a small piece from the dough and roll out into  a long rope.

Schlissel challah step 2

Step 2

Form the long rope into an upside down U shape.

Schlüssel challah step 3

Step 3

Cross the one side over the other at the top.

Step 4 Key Challah

Step 4

Leaving the left side long, bring the bottom of the left rope through underneath the twist at the top as if making a knot, then either tuck the piece sticking out at the top over and under the challah (like the challah at the top) or bring the right side up the same way and then attach another rolled rope of dough to the top of the key shape.

key challah instructions

Step 5

To finish up your key, take two small piece of dough (about the size of two quarters) and role them into small ropes, place them at the bottom the long rope like pictured above.   Place on a baking sheet, allow to rise and then bake as instructed in the challah recipe of choice.

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Key shaped challah graphic