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Alfredo Mar

Chef at Sesamo in Barcelona, Spain. In the past, if you didn't eat meat or fish, dining out in Catalunya could sometimes be awkward, but now there is a growing awareness that meat-free food should not mean boring food. Sésamo, near the St Antoni market in the Raval is a case in point. If you're tired of always having to opt for patatas bravas while everyone else tucks into meat and fish tapas, this stylish yet unpretentious restaurant near the St Antoni market is the place for you. Sesamo is a fully vegetarian, organic restaurant with vegan options, but this is not generic vegetarian food - the dishes are thoughtfully made, with a basis in gourmet Italian cooking. Suggestions include mushroom croquettes, lasagne with ricotta, spinach and pine nuts, and for pudding, almond and saffron tart, cheesecake with quince jelly.