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María del Mar

María del Mar holds a B.S. in film production from Northwestern University, and graduated top of her class at the French Culinary Institute (now the International Culinary Center). She has worked at Lucky, Vogue, and America’s Test Kitchen where she learned to understand and manipulate image composition and food.

Her culinary knowledge, paired with a voracious appetite and overall lust for color, texture, sound, and flavor allow her to successfully conceptualize and direct work in close collaboration with clients.

She is the author of Winter Cocktails , Summer Cocktails (Quirk Books/Random House), and The Quinoa [Keen-Wah] Cookbook (HarperWave).Based in New York City and Los Angeles, María del Mar was raised in Nicaragua, México, and Italy. 

Kashrut note: There are a few non-kosher recipes in the cookbooks.