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Renee Chernin

Renee Chernin, writer, recipe developer and creator of the popular cooking website,, began her career as a reluctant cook. When Renee and her family became Shabbat observant, cooking finally held meaning for her.  “I learned there is a higher purpose to our efforts in everything we do. Even in the kitchen. We are the guardians of kashrut, we create the home’s Jewish atmosphere. Cooking beautiful meals to honor our holy days, and the people who come to our table is an investment in our future. And the payoff can be beyond our imagination.”    Renee rarely made a dish exactly the same way twice. It was only in 2004, when she started her own catering business that she began to write down her recipes. She tested and tweaked until each dish was perfectly balanced and easy to reproduce. Those recipes are the foundation of her cookbook series, Cooking for the King, winning recipes for Shabbos and yom tov. Renee is a talented writer centering her work on the practical and inner lives of today’s Jewish woman. Her articles have appeared in Jewish Action Magazine,,, Horizons Magazine, Israel National News, Israel Ahavas Yisrael Project Publications, Baltimore Jewish Times, The Jewish Home, Lakewood Shopper and the Deep South Jewish Voice. She and her husband David made aliyah in 2007 from Atlanta, Georgia and now live in the Old City of Jerusalem.