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Veronica Bosgraaf

Veronica Bosgraaf was born and raised in Michigan. She taught High School for 6 years, and then was a stay at home mom for her 3 children. In 2004, her 6 year old daughter declared herself a vegetarian. Veronica supported her daughter and began learning about a vegetarian lifestyle and cooking vegetarian meals. She created a convenient vegan snack bar that her daughter thought was a treat, but was nutritionally balanced and completely organic. In 2006, she founded her company Pure, to produce and sell her Pure bars locally and eventually nationally. Today, Pure makes Fruit and Nut bars, Ancient Grain bars and Fruit and Veggie Strips and Sandwiches for people of all ages. All of Pure's products are gluten-free, vegan, organic and Non-GMO. Veronica is passionate about getting people back in the kitchen to create simple, healthy meals and snacks and has recipes and tips on her website Pure Food is a collection of her Midwestern favorites in a healthy and simple format, along with recipes that incorporate new, innovative ingredients like ancient grains. It is her first cookbook.