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Dear Jamie:

I scrub my slow cooker for hours on end, yet I still cannot get those cholent stains out. Help!

Shayna in Chicago, IL

Hi Shayna,

Oh the post-Shabbos, Sunday (and Monday ritual) of trying to clean that cholent pot….Take heart! There are several solutions. First of all, before making your cholent (or any slow-cooker dish), liberally spray the entire inside of your pot with cooking spray. This can cut down on the food that gets stuck to the sides.

Some people use a crock pot liner so when it’s clean up time, you just toss out the liner. But my mom always goes crazy when she sees me cooking plastic for 12+ hours – so you, your mom or mom-in-law have to be comfortable with this solution. So do you research on this option.

If you opt for the no liner method, here’s is a handy dandy tip from my good friend Hadassah: fill your pot with a solution of 3 parts water and one part vinegar, and put it on low for about 4 hours. This should really help eliminate some of that ingrained cholent stain.

Happy cleaning (if there is such a thing!)