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When it comes to Sukkot, I think it's really important to choose a menu that is as simple as possible. The tradition and fun of eating in a Sukkah is best highlighted by filling your table with easily transported dishes and foods that taste best at room temperature. By removing the stress of serving hot foods and finding adequate space to place it, you can enjoy your family and friends and focus on what the holidays are really about!

The recipes below can be made ahead of time and served at room temperature- what more can you ask for?

Marinated Vegetable Salad

marinated vegetable salad modern menu

The longer this salad marinates, the more flavorful it is. It’s my go-to summer Sunday night salad; I make enough to last for the week!

Tequila Marinated London Broil

tequila london broil1

London broil, otherwise known as “sliced steak,” usually refers to the preparation of flank steak: marinated, grilled, or broiled, and then cut against the grain into thin slices. It is a great way to prepare steak because it cooks quickly and makes perfect sandwiches—if there happens to be any left over. This recipe is one that I often serve to my family at home during the week, but just as often offer up to a large crowd at a weekend dinner party. It’s simple but sophisticated.

Salmon en Croute

The Modern Menu Salmon en Croute

This is the ultimate company dish, not only because it is so delicious but because the presentation will give the impression that you spent hours and hours cooking the meal. A side of salmon, along with miso-flavored mushrooms and spinach, is enclosed in a golden cloak of puff pastry.

Plum Crumb Cake with Star Anise

plum crumb cake wide

This wonderfully simple plum cake recipe was given to me by a good friend. Wanting to spice it up a bit, I added star anise for its mysterious licorice flavor. I love experimenting with unusual flavors and like to think that the star anise adds a bit of sophistication. That said, the cake can surely be made without the star anise, and the plums can simply be replaced with any fresh stone fruit, such as peaches or apricots.